Innovative Projects, Inc. is no new kid on the block.

We are a Graphic Design Studio and Service Bureau that has been providing print materials for businesses since 1978. From designing newsletters, magazines, catalogs, direct mail, posters, packaging, ads, flyers, billboards, brochures, corporate image packages and logo designs to film output, four-color proofs, scans and pre-press services, Innovative Projects has produced it all . . . With focus. With flair.

You will find our quality high, our prices low and our service quick and reliable.

We are a team of three designers who put our unique talents together to produce designs that have that extra flair and SELL. We also know how to output files that are RIGHT, whether we provide electronic files or film, for our designs or yours. Best of all . . . We can help you get noticed in YOUR neighborhood . . . and worlds beyond.